Middle School

Middle School

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Inspired by the very real challenges that teachers face in their classrooms every day, Middle School Tutorials in math and English language arts offer direct instruction, meaningful practice, and formative assessment with content developed specifically for the latest middle school standards.

Key Component of Blended Learning

Built specificallly for state standards and the Common Core State Standards, Tutorials for grades 6-8 provide classroom teachers with key instructional resources to help meet the needs of every student.

Middle School Curriculum    


Multiple entry points allow students to choose the learning path best suited to their individual needs.

Active Learning

Purposeful use of interactive media motivates students to actively engage with rigorous content.

Prescriptive Approach

Prescriptive pre-tests identify which learning objectives a student has mastered and which require additional attention.

Interactive App-Like Design

Tutorials feature an innovative design that incorporates elements of popular games and apps to engage and motivate today's tech-savvy students. Designed for use on tablet devices as well as on laptops, desktops, and netbooks, Tutorials enhance instruction for every student in every classroom.

Tutorials are incredibly helpful and have saved me a tremendous amount of time. Now I am able to dedicate more time to working with my students as opposed to writing lessons and tests.

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Additional Middle School Solutions


The Apex Learning catalog includes Comprehensive Courses appropriate for middle school students ready for additional challenges.

Middle to High School Transition

Apex Learning Foundations courses in English, math, and science offer structured remediation of skills and concepts needed to undertake high school-level courses with confidence.

Middle to HS Transition