How Blended Learning Increases Teacher Effectiveness

Increase Teacher Effectiveness

Increase Teacher EffectivnessTeachers are a district's most valuable resource. Blended learning allows your teachers to integrate both traditional and digital content to meet the needs of all students based on their academic readiness and learning styles. For nearly two decades Apex Learning digital curriculum has been helping educators increase student achievement by providing an individualized and engaging learning experience for every student.

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Blended Learning has given way to a spectrum of instructional models that redefine learning in the classroom. At one end, teachers use digital curriculum as the primary instruction to support original and credit recovery programs. At the other end of the blended learning spectrum, teachers use digital curriculum to complement teacher-led instruction or provide remediation. Combining face-to-face classroom instruction with online content results in more effective teaching and an increase in student outcomes.


To make the most of what a teacher does best, Apex Learning digital curriculum provides differentiated instruction for every student. Quality instruction and assessment are primarily delivered online, students self-pace through the material, and the classroom teacher engages one-to-one with each student using real-time data to monitor student progress and performance.  Support is provided as needed through small-group instruction, enrichment, and targeted intervention.

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Teachers are using Apex Learning digital curriculum in many ways to enhance classroom instruction, such as successfully enhancing their lessons, complementing teacher-directed activities, and replacing entire units. The combination of teacher led instruction with the online delivery of instructional content, forms an integrated instructional approach resulting in greater student success backed by powerful data.

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