2015 Apex Learning Award of Excellence Recipients

2015 Apex Learning Award of Excellence Recipients

2015 Award of Excellence

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Apex Learning Award of Excellence. The districts and schools honored foster and demonstrate extraordinary vision and dedication to increasing student achievement through blended and virtual learning.

  • Academic Center of Excellence, Cabot Public Schools, AR
  • Academic Enrichment Center, Westerville City School District, OH
  • Aves Academy, Sycamore Community Schools, OH
  • Burbank Adult School, Burbank Unified School District, CA
  • Charlestown High School, Boston Public Schools, MA
  • Lincoln Public Schools eLearning, NE

2015 Recipients

District: Cabot Public Schools

Location: Cabot, AR

Setting: Rural

School: Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) 

Environment: Virtual, Blended Learning

Program Type: Original Credit, Credit Recovery, Advanced Placement

Size of Program: 250 Students

Grades: 7–12

Background: ACE opened to give students the opportunity to explore educational avenues other than the traditional educational program offered at Cabot High School and serves three distinct student populations through three different programs.

Goals: ACE aims to provide a unique learning experience that allows students to engage in their learning anytime, anywhere while increasing academic access and support for students otherwise unable to succeed in a traditional setting.

Success: The 2013–2014 graduation rate for ACE reached an impressive 96%.


District: Westerville City School District 

Location: Westerville, OH

Setting: Suburban

School: Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) 

Environment: Blended Learning

Program Type: Original Credit, Credit Recovery, Advanced Placement

Size of Program: Over 600 Students

Grades: 6–12

Background: The primary population of students consists of individuals who have been expelled from school, dropped out and attempted to obtain a diploma through a charter or community school alternative, and those that are considering dropping out due to lack of academic success or progress. The AEC also acts as a district “hub” that coordinates and provides program options for all 16,000 students in the Westerville City School District and for those outside the district.

Goals: At the AEC, the primary objective for each student is to facilitate successful school completion and develop skills to be successful within the school and community environments they will face upon their transition from the program.

Success: Countless lives have been transformed through the educational opportunities provided through the AEC, with the vast majority of students graduating who otherwise would not have.


District: Sycamore Community Schools 

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Setting: Suburban

School: Aves Academy 

Environment: Blended Learning

Program Type: Original Credit, Credit Recovery

Size of Program: 50

Grades: 9–12

Background: Created in 2008 to help stabilize and maintain the graduation rate, Aves Academy takes a progressive approach to instruction. Aves Academy is proud to offer a non-traditional setting in which students engage in rigorous coursework while preparing students to be college and career ready.

Goals: Today, Aves Academy focuses on raising the graduation rate, increasing access for students who are unable to attend or succeed in the traditional classroom, and providing additional academic options for all students.

Success: From 2008–2015, Aves Academy has graduated 105 students. Due to the continued success of Aves Academy, administrators are exploring ways to expand program capacity.


District: Burbank Unified School District 

Location: Burbank, CA

Setting: Suburban

School: Burbank Adult School 

Environment: Blended Learning

Program Type: Original Credit, Credit Recovery, Unit Recovery

Size of Program: 400 Students

Grades: 10–12, Adult

Background: Comprised of many different departments, the Burbank Adult School serves both high school concurrent students as well as adult students. What began as a single teacher helping students on improvement plans, has grown to serve students working to attain their diploma, recover credits, or seek additional educational options.

Goals: The mission of the Burbank Adult School is to meet the diverse educational needs of the community by empowering lifelong learners to reach their professional, personal and/or family goals.

Success: During the 2013–2014 school year, students — including adults — completed over 358 courses with an average B- GPA. Due to the success of the program, the Burbank Adult School is planning to expand beginning with increasing their summer school program.


District: Boston Public Schools 

Location: Boston, MA

Setting: Urban

School: Charlestown High School 

Environment: Blended Learning

Program Type: Original Credit, Credit Recovery

Size of Program: 50–100

Grades: 9–12

Background: With a diverse student population, many arrive at Charlestown High School only to quickly fall behind and struggle academically.

Goals: Charlestown High School is committed to preparing students for college and career, expanding course access, and increasing the graduation rate.

Success: Through the Charlestown High School Credit Recovery Program, students are able to effectively get back on track to earning their diploma and in many cases continue onto college.


District: Lincoln Public Schools

Location: Lincoln, NE

Setting: Urban

Program: Lincoln Public Schools eLearning

Environment: Virtual Learning

Program Type: Original Credit, Credit Recovery

Size of Program: Over 800 Students

Grades: 9–12

Background: The eLearning program was established to provide students with alternative method to earn course credit.

Goals: Lincoln Public Schools eLearning program is committed to increasing the graduation rate and student retention, improving academic support for those unable to attend high school, and providing alternative educational opportunities.

Success: Lincoln Public Schools has seen significant growth in the high school graduation rate. The class of 2013 showed a record-high graduation rate at 87.1% (84.6% the previous year). Also significant, Lincoln Public Schools experienced a decline in the dropout rate, with a 6% rate in 2013 (8.3% the previous year). The 6% dropout rate is the lowest in Lincoln Public Schools history.