High School Dropout Prevention Programs

Dropout Prevention & Recovery

A growing number of high schools are offering nontraditional programs in an effort to retain at-risk students and bring back those who have dropped out. To provide the personalized learning experiences that these students need to be successful, schools are implementing Apex Learning digital curriculum solutions.


Catoosa County Public Schools, GA

Creating a Pathway to College and Career

A number of Catoosa County Public Schools students struggled in the traditional classroom environment. Wanting to leverage virtual learning to offer students greater flexibility, the district partnered with Apex Learning to provide rigorous, Georgia DOE-approved online courses. The results were impressive - students achieved an 80 percent course completion rate and a passing rate of 70 percent on state end-of-course exams.

Hartford Public Schools, CT

Digital Curriculum Helps Students Choose to Succeed

Seeking to increase re-engagement and graduation rates, the district launched a graduation initiative in three intervention high schools to engage at-risk students with a highly personalized, student-centered approach to learning. Of the at-risk students who participated, an average of 87.2 percent earned the credits they needed to graduate with a high school diploma.

Oceanside Unified School District, CA

Help Students Overcome Barriers to Success

Looking to find the right educational environment for each student was important to Oceanside Unified School District. Offering additional educational options such as online learning, flexible scheduling, and the ability to self-pace through their work, the Alternative Learning Center (ALC) at Ocean Shores High School provides students with an alternative route to graduation. During the initial year, the ALC experienced an 84 percentage course pass rate, with 1,855 credits earned toward graduation.

City School District of Albany, NY

Dropout Prevention Program Increases On-Time Graduation Rate

Faced with the challenge of keeping students on track to graduate on time, the City School District of Albany developed a dropout prevention program utilizing Apex Learning digital curriculum. During the 2012-2013 school year, 18 percent of the senior class recovered one or more credits needed to graduate on time — resulting in a 4 percentage point increase in graduation rates.

Antelope Valley School District, CA

Building the Path to Success with a Focus on Unit Recovery

In the fall of the 2012-2013 school year, Highland HS expanded the use of Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses for credit recovery to also include targeted remediation. During the 2012-2013, they broadened their program again and introduced Apex Learning Tutorials to assist with the targeted remediation program. After the first semester of that year, the percentage of 9th grade students passing Algebra I and Geometry jumped from 65% to 91.5% — a 26.5 percentage point increase.

Anchorage School District, AK

Single Digital Curriculum Meets Diverse Needs of School District

Addressing diverse educational needs of 50,000 students across 2,000 square miles is challenging. Apex Learning digital curriculum has met a range of needs for learners — from those who are struggling to those capable of accelerating. Virtual learning opened a world of possibilities: access to Advanced Placement (AP)*, the ability to earn original credit, and the opportunity for students in dropout prevention and credit recovery programs to get back on track toward graduation.

East Greenbush Central School District, NY

Switch to Apex Learning Helps Increase Graduation Rate

Columbia High School, the single high school in the East Greenbush Central School District, increased its graduation rate to 94 percent — a 6 percentage point increase over the previous rate of 88 percent. District leaders attribute the jump to Operation Graduation, the district's dropout intervention program, which included the use of Apex Learning digital curriculum in a blended credit recovery program.

Auburn School District, WA

Individualized Learning Leads to Student Success and High School Graduation

The district relies on Apex Learning digital curriculum to provide the individualized learning experience necessary for each student's success. The virtual learning program encourages student-teacher interaction and face-to-face student engagement. Since the program's inception, graduation rates have increased and dropout rates have decreased. District administrators credit the program for reaching many students who otherwise would not have graduated.

Dorchester School District Two, SC

Digital Curriculum Provides Preemptive Intervention for Struggling Students

Dorchester School District Two went looking for a new online credit recovery program and discovered a better way to intervene much sooner with struggling students. The South Carolina district implemented a preemptive intervention strategy that reaches out to students long before they require formal credit recovery.