Online High School Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

Students who have not successfully earned required course credits are provided the opportunity to get back on track for on-time graduation with Apex Learning digital curriculum. The same rigorous, standards-based content that engages students earning original credit ensures that all students are mastering the skills and concepts necessary for their future success.


Oceanside Unified School District, CA

Alternative Learning Center Offers One-to-One Support

During their initial year of implementation, the Alternative Learning Center (ALC) at Ocean Shores High School experienced an 84 percent course pass rate, with 1,885 credits earned toward graduation. Because of the success at the ALC, Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses will be available for students at three of the district's high schools as part of an accelerated credit recovery program.

Juvenile Justice System

How One Juvenile Justice Center Ensures Success for Every Student

Since the 2009-2010 school year, the center has served more than 600 at-risk students. These students, many of whom had dropped out of high school, completed over 700 courses for credit toward graduation.

Hartford Public Schools, CT

Digital Curriculum Helps Students Choose to Succeed

Seeking to increase re-engagement and graduation rates, the district launched the Choosing to Succeed High School Graduation Initiative in three high schools to engage at-risk students and returning dropouts. The program combined research-based, nationally vetted best practices for online blended learning for credit recovery with Apex Learning digital curriculum to maximize teacher effectiveness, differentiate instruction, and provide a personalized path to success for each student.

East Greenbush Central School District, NY

Switch to Apex Learning Helps Increase Graduation Rate

Columbia High School, the single high school in the East Greenbush Central School District, increased its graduation rate to 94 percent — a 6 percentage point increase over the previous rate of 88 percent. District leaders attribute the jump to Operation Graduation, the district's dropout intervention program, which included the use of Apex Learning digital curriculum in a blended credit recovery program.

White River Valley Schools, IN

Digital Learning Provides Cost Effective Academic Solution

The district needed a way to reduce spending and increase the graduation rate, while still providing students with a high quality education in a rigorous learning environment. When reviewing digital curriculum providers, Apex Learning stood out. The district selected Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses and launched a credit recovery program.

City School District of Albany, NY

Credit Recovery Program Results in Increases Graduation Rate

Faced with the challenge of keeping students on track to graduate on time, the City School District of Albany developed a flexible, cost effective credit recovery program. During the 2012-2013 school year, students in the district earned a total of 274 credits through the district credit recovery program. In the senior class, 18 percent recovered one or more credits needed to graduate on time. As a result, the district saw a 3 percentage point increase in graduation rates.

Cherokee County School District, GA

Students Back on Track Academically with Digital Curriculum

Cherokee County School District high schools are gaining a better understanding of how to connect with these students. The district, Georgia's eighth largest in a community 40 miles north of Atlanta, has implemented new programs across its eight high schools, relying on modern, relevant digital curriculum to grab and hold student attention. For the 2012—2013 school year, the district graduation rate increased 5.4 percentage points over the prior year.

Temecula Valley Unified School District, CA

Digital Curriculum Increases Rigor in Summer School Program

Students found Apex Learning digital curriculum to be noticeably more rigorous, but they overwhelmingly rose to the challenge. All non-graduating seniors who participated in the program earned the credits necessary to receive their diplomas. Each of the summer school students completed and passed at least one course.

Auburn School District, WA

Individualized Learning Leads to Student Success and High School Graduation

The district relies on Apex Learning digital curriculum to provide the individualized learning experience necessary for each student's success. The virtual learning program encourages student-teacher interaction and face-to-face student engagement. Since the program's inception, graduation rates have increased and dropout rates have decreased. District administrators credit the program for reaching many students who otherwise would not have graduated.

Dorchester School District Two, SC

Digital Curriculum Provides Academic Intervention for Struggling Students

At first, teachers had concerns about the level of rigor. They quickly found that Apex Learning digital curriculum was more rigorous than that of the traditional classroom. Watching students succeed in a challenging environment eased their concern. Seventy percent of students who completed an Apex Learning online course received credit and got back on track toward graduation.

Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

Increase Performance and Graduation Rates

Santee Education Complex and Roosevelt High School were two of the lowest performing schools in Los Angeles Unified School District. The district needed a way to address these struggling students and increase student achievement and passing rates on the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). The district implemented Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses to offer credit recovery and test prep through the "Santee Apex Learning CAHSEE Boot Camp". Students who completed the Boot Camp performed almost twice as well as their peers who did not participate, and Boot Camp student results outpaced the overall LAUSD 10th-grade CAHSEE passing rate.

Boston Public Schools, MA

District Expands Digital Curriculum to Middle School Intervention

Following on the success of the credit recovery program, Boston Public Schools implemented Apex Learning digital curriculum in its Failure is Not an Option Program (FNOP), which focuses on intervention for struggling 8th and 9th graders. “The program has been particularly successful at the middle school level because the 8th graders, like our high school seniors, are personally motivated to finish,” noted Manfredi.

St. Mary's County Public Schools, MD

Blended Learning Helps District Increase Graduation Rate

Great Mills High School increased its four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate by 6 percentage points in one year, from 76 percent in 2011 to 82 percent in 2012. Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano attributed much of the increase to the use of Apex Learning online courses in a blended learning model.

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, IN

Virtual Learning Model Individualizes Learning, Increases Student Outcomes

Students liked that online learning is individualized and student-centric. They worked at their own pace with the ability to "rewind the teacher" if they missed or didn't understand part of the lesson. Students felt they learned more in their online courses; 95 percent of the students in the Virtual Academy earned their credit.