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Advanced Placement®

Whether it is to increase Advanced Placement® (AP) course offerings, provide authorized AP* curriculum to classroom teachers, or ensure students are well prepared to succeed on the critical AP exams, Apex Learning AP courses allow districts to address a wide range of needs. With a proven track record of student achievement, Apex Learning is helping high schools across the country implement distance-learning programs to provide their students with access to AP courses

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Iowa Online AP Academy

Online Courses Extend Advanced Placement
 Access to All Students

Students attending small, rural schools gained access to AP courses through a virtual learning environment. A total of 5,135 members of Iowa's graduating class of 2010 took at least one AP exam while in high school, a 9.5 percent increase over the previous year and more than double the number 10 years ago. Not only did more students take AP exams, but they also outperformed the national average by 3.4 percentage points.

White River Valley Schools, IN

Digital Learning Provides Cost Effective Academic Solution

The district expanded academic choice by offering Apex Learning online courses. For the first time, students could take comprehensive online courses for initial credit, Honors and AP. Student enrollment from outside the district increased 8 percentage points due in part to the AP online course offering.

Anchorage School District, AK

Single Digital Curriculum Meets Diverse Needs of School District

Addressing diverse educational needs of 50,000 students across 2,000 square miles is challenging. Apex Learning digital curriculum has met a range of needs for learners — from those who are struggling to those capable of accelerating. Virtual learning opened a world of possibilities: access to Advanced Placement (AP)*, the ability to earn original credit, and the opportunity for students in dropout prevention and credit recovery programs to get back on track toward graduation.

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, IN

Virtual Learning Model Individualizes Learning, Increases Student Outcomes

Students liked that online learning is individualized and student-centric. They worked at their own pace with the ability to "rewind the teacher" if they missed or didn't understand part of the lesson. Students felt they learned more in their online courses; 95 percent of the students in the Virtual Academy earned their credit.

Apex Learning has been instrumental in our mission to give all Iowa students access to high-quality, Advanced Placement coursework. Because of our work with Apex Learning we have been able to reach thousands of students in ways that will impact the course of their academic path in high school and beyond.

Kate Degner, Ph.D.
Administrator for STEM Initiatives, Belin-Blank Center
Iowa Online AP Academy